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It is always exciting when a product or program is so well received that its growth exceeds initial expectations. That is exactly what has happened with our international CROSS CiRCUIT efforts.

Thanks to the overwhelming response to CROSS CiRCUIT, Octane Fitness added twelve new Master Trainers to our team in 2013. These new trainers, located in China, Malaysia, England, South America and Indonesia, join an elite group of trainers responsible for representing Octane Fitness and leading CROSS CiRCUIT trainings around the world. With the continued expansion of CROSS CiRCUIT, Octane Fitness will be adding eight to ten more international trainers to our Master Trainer team in 2014.

Our sales team and distributors will be on the lookout for high quality trainers who possess a great passion for wellness, knowledge of Octane Fitness and the CROSS CiRCUIT program, and the ability to educate and motivate other personal trainers in the field. Only trainers who exemplify these characteristics will be asked to become an Octane Fitness Master Trainer. To even become a Master Trainer, trainers are required to attend a five hour training course with Global Master Trainer Heather Brunk and sign a contract with both Heather and the local sales representative to make sure Master Trainer will adhere to program expectations. Expectations are high for our Mater Trainers, which is why our team consists of a select group of trainers who personify the Octane Fitness’s uncompromising focus on quality and excellence.

While expectations are high, there are also great rewards that come with being an Octane Fitness Master Trainer. For starters, becoming a member of the Master Trainer team is cause for great pride. Master Trainers also have the opportunity to traveling and work closely with Octane Fitness staff and other fitness professionals. Plus, Master Trainers receive exclusive Octane Fitness workout gear for training.

If you know a trainer who may be interested or you would like to become a member of the Master Trainer team please send qualifications to your local Octane Fitness sales representative or area distributors. After initial review, candidates will be forwarded to Global Master Trainer Heather Brunk for furtherĀ  evaluation.