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compact ellipticals

Looking for a good fit?  Most of us don’t have a lot of extra open square footage at home, and aren’t fortunate enough to live in a roomy house with its own home gym. Therefore, space is usually a primary concern when determining if you can purchase a piece of fitness equipment and have enough room to actually use it.

Today, home exercise machines are more space-efficient than they used to be, but size still matters. Treadmills tend to need a lot of room for safety, and taller exercisers may be unable to use them in low-ceiling areas, such as basements. The same is true for some stairclimbers and alternative motion trainers.

Although rowers are low to the ground, they require a long space to accommodate the frame and the user’s full range of motion. Upright and recumbent bikes are smaller, but only deliver seated, non-weight-bearing exercise for the legs.

For effective, total-body exercise in tight spaces, check out the latest compact ellipticals, such as those from Octane Fitness that are specially designed to easily fit virtually anywhere in your home. With their close pedal spacing, low step-up height and front drive, Octane’s compact ellipticals are significantly smaller than other popular fitness equipment.

Plus, Octane ellipticals give you a full-body challenge in a small area, and even more so if you incorporate the exclusive CROSS CiRCUIT combined cardio and strength training regimen, where you’ve essentially just squeezed an entire home gym and a virtual personal trainer in a tiny footprint.

When it comes to home workout equipment, don’t ever settle based on size alone. Octane ellipticals are smaller but being compact ellipticals doesn’t mean they miniature. They do require some space to incorporate the best ergonomics, industrial design and safety features. Rearrange furniture as necessary to accommodate a premium piece of equipment. Your body and your health will definitely benefit.