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Commercial Fitness Equipment for ConsumersIf you have a home gym – or even just a machine or two – we hope that you are using it. Often. Don’t let fitness equipment gather dust while you binge on Game of Thrones. Stay motivated by scheduling workouts and honoring that time, multitasking (catch up on your DVR programs while working out) and setting specific, reasonable goals.

Make sure your workout area is pleasant so that you’ll want to use it. If you have to put the treadmill in the basement, then tidy up your workout area, add some floor lamps, use a fan and have a TV nearby if that keeps you going longer. Open a window when you can, get a carpet remnant and keep workout towels handy. Store all accessories, such as a water bottle, dumbbells, a mat, stability ball, resistance bands and heart rate monitor neatly in your workout area.

And consider upgrading your home gym, because good equipment makes a significant difference in workout motivation, adherence and results. Cheap exercise machines typically don’t feel good, can be noisy, malfunction or break down quickly. Obviously, if equipment doesn’t feel natural, move smoothly or remain stable, you’re less likely to use it.

Investing wisely in premium fitness equipment is ultimately smart, because it will feel better, provide greater variety and last longer. Chances are, you will use it more often, therefore becoming fitter and healthier. Here’s a brief overview of some distinctive commercial fitness equipment for consumers.

LateralXOctane Fitness’ LateralX has been a phenomenal hit in health clubs and homes worldwide – partly because there really is nothing else like it. It goes from a vertical motion to a side-to-side motion so you can work laterally, which most fitness equipment doesn’t do. You benefit from up to a 30% increase in inner and outer thigh activity, along with up to a 27% increase in caloric expenditure, comparted to traditional ellipticals.

Octane’s exclusive MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars ensure comfort and full use of your upper body, targeting different muscles with various hand positions.

Low-impact and total-body, the LateralX features Workout Boosters such as ThighToner and QuadPower, along with programs such as Lateral Interval and Dual Direction, that capitalize on the variety of motion and ensure that the legs are working hard. Plus, it can be equipped with CROSS CiRCUIT, which combines cardio intervals on the machine with strength-training exercises for even greater effectiveness and efficiency.

XT-OneThis incline cross-trainer delivers motivating variety and custom motion on one machine. You can walk, run, hike or climb with a push of a button, selecting from 10 incline levels, adjustable stride length from 20”-28” and 30 resistance levels. Targeting different muscle groups is easy and cross training is convenient by simply changing movements at any time during any workout.

Choose from workouts like Mountain Peak and Progressive Hill to challenge your stamina and strength. The XT-One also is compatible with CROSS CiRCUIT, so your sweat sessions constantly can be different.

AirdyneXAdapted from the legendary Airdyne air bike for heavy-duty performance, the AirdyneX delivers virtually unlimited wind resistance, with a 26-blade performance fan and a single-stage belt drive. You pedal faster for more resistance and slower for less, so it’s simple to take on HIIT or cruise at a steady-state cadence. Or hop on for warm-ups and cooldowns for a strength training session. You also can target the upper body exclusively by taking the legs out of the action and placing the feet on the stationary foot pegs.

The AirdyneX is self-powered, compact and quiet, and accommodates every fitness level, making it an easy addition to your home gym. Stay Fueled!