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Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.53.53 PMInterval training is very popular recently, as It typically enables exercisers to work harder and longer, stimulating greater results, than what they typically accomplish in a steady-state cardio session. And boxing has experienced resurgence, particularly fitness-oriented boxing workouts, that also push people to work harder and longer than they would do on their own. 

Combining the best of these worlds, boxing interval training workouts are rigorous sessions that challenge the body cardiovascularly and strength-wise, with periods of intense work broken up by recovery intervals. What makes interval training successful is the balance of work to recovery sessions – with too much of either, you don’t get the best performance. Work intervals that are too long or frequent result in diminishing returns instead of all-out efforts; and recovery intervals that last too long diminish intensity and water-down workouts.

Without proper instruction or a boxing class or gym, it can take some time to develop an effective boxing interval training program. Fortunately, with Octane Fitness’ Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program, the thinking has been done already – you just have to do the sweat work.

Based on various martial arts styles, and using both striking and grappling, MMA delivers a powerful workout. Mimicking MMA bouts and offering another way to train, Octane’s program challenges exercisers with five-minute fight intervals of varying intensity, where the machine “fights back.” Fight-inspired prompts such as “punch and move” and “throw it” keep exercisers focused during the battles of strength and power against the responsive resistance.

Brief recovery intervals simulate fighters returning to their corners and help exercisers keep pushing. Give MMA a try on an Octane elliptical machine. It’s a workout you won’t soon forget!