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One of the great things about the new xi consoles from Octane Fitness is their bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. For the first time ever, you can connect your bluetooh 4.0 enabled devices to help heighten your workout experience. From iPads to headphones, we’ve got your workout synced.

In February Octane Fitness introduced their new line of home elliptical machines, the all new Q Series. Built on the same award winning zero-impact frame, the new Q Series takes working out to the next level with its technology rich x and xi consoles. For a truly integrated and connected workout experience, there is no greater console than the xi.

Integrated with bluetooth 4.0 technology, the xi console puts everything you need to maximize your workout experience at your finger tips… wirelessly. With bluetooth technology you can sync any bluetooth 4.0 compatible device to the console; heart rate monitors, headphones and, of course, 3rd generation or above iPads.

When you’re working out on the best and smartest elliptical machine available, you want the best in bluetooth audio to help fuel your workout. For the best in bluetooth audio look no further than JayBird headphones. JayBird offers a variety of bluetooth headphone and earphone options but their JayBird BlueBuds X are at the top of the line, delivering sound you wouldn’t believe.

JayBird BlueBuds X are the smallest bluetooth headphones available so they don’t intrude on your workout and their patentedsports ear cushions hug into the top, back & lower surface areas of the ear so they won’t fall out mid-workout. With a retail price of $170.00 they’re worth every penny. But now, for a limited time, you can receive free JayBird headphones when you purchase a Q47xi or Q37xi elliptical machine online from Octane Fitness. Learn more at