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recumbent bike


Seated workouts sometimes get a bad rap – with recumbent bikes perceived as too easy or only suited to people who don’t want to work hard. But not all recumbent workouts are created equally.



And while it’s true that some people may choose a more leisurely pace or browse through a magazine while riding a recumbent bike, for instance, not all seated workouts are created equal. Recumbent bikes are popular because they offer a seat, adjustable resistance and familiarity. But that familiarity may not promote intense workouts for some.

A better option for seated exercise is the xRide recumbent elliptical, which looks somewhat like a recumbent bike but the legs move in an elliptical shape for greater muscle use, and the upper body is engaged using moving handlebars. With 20 resistance levels and multiple programs, the xRide accommodates those who prefer a slower pace, as well as people who want to ramp up the intensity.

Unlike a recumbent bike, the xRide delivers a full-body workout, which leads to higher heart rates and greater caloric expenditure – 23% more than a recumbent bike. Workout Boosters such as Muscle Endurance, Chest Press and Leg Press, offer interval training and strength work throughout a cardio session, thereby adding variety, efficiency and effectiveness.

And the xRide features higher intensity workouts, such as custom heart rate programs and 30:30 Interval, for an extra push.

Also, xRide users can periodically focus on the upper body only by placing their feet on the foot pegs and challenging the arms. For more intensity, exercisers can sit up, off the back pad of the seat, and engage their core to stabilize the body during exercise.

Ultimately, exercisers are in charge of their intensity level. But with a machine like the xRide, it is easier and more fun to mix up workouts and increase challenges for better overall conditioning with zero impact. It’s a whole new type of seated exercise!