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best elliptical
We reached out to our friends at Gym Source to write a featured guest post for our Octane Fitness blog. Norm Morrison, a Product Manager at Gym Source with over 15 years experience, chose to write about one of our best elliptical machines, the xR6000.

When my clients are looking for a phenomenal workout, I show them the Octane XR6000. It’s one of my favorite Octane machines for many reasons—it offers a tremendous range of resistance levels, innovative workouts and enormous versatility.


Here are just a few of the features that make the XR6000 a popular attraction in our Gym Source showroom and one of the best elliptical machines on the market:

  • Movement: The XR6000 is definitely NOT your typical elliptical trainer, it offers a greater variety of movement than a traditional elliptical. The first features my clients notice are the unique lateral movement and the seat back that allows for better upper body leverage. My clients appreciate the fact that the XR6000 lets their body move in a whole new way.
  • Accessibility:  Since the exercises are done in a seated position, the XR6000 is great for clients who have limited mobility or equilibrium issues. The multi-grip handlebars ensure great balance and support proper form. In addition, the step-through design aids getting on and off the machine. Finally, the extra-large pedals and seat height and tilt adaptations help provide a comfortable workout.
  • Options: The XR6000 includes many program options and customizable interval programs that let you—or your clients and club members—make each workout their own. With heart rate-controlled programs, constant output programs, the innovative 30:30 performance program and Octane’s unique Muscle Endurance, Chest Press and Leg Press workout boosters, clients who come to Gym Source looking for an customized cardio powerhouse find everything they need in this one machine.
  • Intensity:  It’s no secret that increased muscle engagement help create more intense workout and faster results.  Studies show that exercisers on the XR6000 use 343% more glutes and burn 23% more calories compared to a recumbent bike. The XR6000 combines the best of cardiovascular training and strength training with a high level of resistance.
  • Fun: Finally, my clients always remark on how comfortable the XR6000 is to ride—and how much they appreciate being able to enjoy the benefits of an intense workout with plenty of variety.  The fun factor is a BIG reason the XR6000 is such a hit here at Gym Source. It truly offers a ride like no other.

When it comes to providing the best elliptical for my clients, whether they’re looking for a standing or recumbent equipment, I always tell them to buy Octane Fitness.