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BenefitsofellipticalmachinesWhen it comes to cardio exercise, ellipticals are a popular choice for workouts at home and at the health club. While other equipment, such as treadmills and stationary bikes, is effective, the benefits of elliptical machines can outweigh other exercise modalities.

Think about it:

  1. Low-impact – ellipticals are easy on the joints, without the pounding and jarring that you get on treadmills and the stress on the knees of stairclimbers
  2. Total-body – why work only your legs on a treadmill, bike or stairclimber, when you can use more muscles and burn more calories on an elliptical?
  3. Weight-bearing – proven to help build bone density, weight-bearing exercise has an advantage over seated workouts like biking and rowing
  4. Less perceived exertion – because the workout is dispersed throughout multiple muscles and joints on an elliptical, exercisers don’t feel like they are working as hard as they are, studies show, thereby equipping them to go harder and longer. Bonus!
  5. Variety – lots of options – you can go forward or back, change your stride length (on some models), use your legs only, isolate your arms or even incorporate strength training with Octane Fitness’ unique CROSS  CiRCUIT routines
  6. Quiet – compared to treadmills, stairclimbers or rowers, ellipticals win for quiet operation, which is a big plus if you’re working out at home while watching TV or when others are sleeping.

Let’s face it:  any consistent exercise that helps get you fitter and feel better is valuable. Ideally, cross train by doing a variety of exercise modalities – and incorporate for elliptical workouts, because there are many benefits of elliptical machines. The best results ultimately come not from doing the same thing everyday, but instead from changing up workouts and incorporating cardio, strength and flexibility into your regimen.