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FitProiconAt the Head of the Class – Looking for an award winning elliptical? Octane Fitness ellipticals have received approximately 70 Best Buy awards since 2003 from leading consumer publications and organizations, along with specialty fitness retailers. Recently, nine Octane elliptical machines earned Best Buy awards from for the 2013-2014 season, with Octane winning the most Best Buys from this site since its inception.

The new LateralX was named the Best Crosstrainer overall, with reviewers noting, “The LateralX is truly a complete reinvention of the crosstrainer,” and, “With the touch of a button, the user can electronically adjust their stride from a wide skating motion to a smooth stairclimber motion, or anywhere in between.”

For the seventh consecutive year, Octane’s Q47ci was selected as the Best Elliptical overall, because, “for those looking for the ultimate standing elliptical, it is difficult to do better than an Octane.” The Best Elliptical Under $4500 for the fifth year in a row is the Q47c, with praise for its adjustable stride, Converging Path and MultiGrip handlebars and CROSS CiRCUIT combined cardio and strength routine.

Octane’s Q37ci again won the Best Elliptical Under $3500 (for the second consecutive year); the Q37c won Best Elliptical Under $3000, and the Q35c is the Best Elliptical Under $2500 for the fourth year, with high marks for ergonomics, construction and aesthetics.

In the crosstrainer category, Octane’s xR6ce xRide recumbent elliptical earned the Best Crosstrainer Under $4500 award for the sixth consecutive year; the xR6e won the Best Crosstrainer Under $4000, and the xR6 was selected as the Best Crosstrainer Under $3500 for the fourth year in a row. Regarding the xRide line, reviewers said, “The ingenious design allows the user to choose upper-, lower- or whole-body exercise with either a cardiovascular or strength-targeted workout – all while in a seated position.”

The review board of Fitness Professor, with expertise in fitness equipment design, mechanical engineering, bodybuilding and personal training, conducts an annual review of fitness equipment using a comprehensive rating system.

Having been tried and tested, and evaluated by experts, award winning ellipticals like those from Octane help cut through the clutter to determine the best machine for you.