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With our need for instant results and immediate gratification in today’s plugged-in, fast-paced world, it’s no surprise that many of us seek rapid weight loss. Because safe and effective pound-shedding doesn’t always come as quickly as we prefer, it’s important to keep pressing on with regular exercise and sensible eating to stimulate results over time.

Sticking with a well-designed plan of cardio and strength workouts, along with proper caloric restriction, are critical to achieve successful weight loss. But what’s also essential is a committed attitude, which can make the difference in terms of overall results.

For rapid weight loss, or slow, steady progress, consider the following:

  1. Keep focused on your goal: Remember, change is hard for all creatures of habit. Keep in mind what you are aiming for and why – whether it is to slim down for a wedding or reunion, to improve your health so you can keep up with your kids or simply to feel better about your appearance.
  2. There’s no magic pill: When it comes to weight loss, you must do the hard work, day in and day out, even when you are distracted, or when you don’t feel like it or when you’d rather lounge around with a bowl of ice cream. You determine your success.
  3. Everyone trips up: No one is perfect, and that means you. Do your best, but when/if you give into a food craving or skip a workout, don’t beat yourself up or let it derail you. Use this experience to recommit to your plan and get right back on your exercise and diet routine. The worst thing you can do is quit, so keep putting one foot in front of the other toward your goal.
  4. Incorporate rewards: Add some incentives along the way to keep yourself motivated – but just make sure that they aren’t food rewards. After hitting a specific goal, such as a certain weight loss or workout accomplishment, treat yourself to a massage or manicure, buy new exercise apparel or gear or hire a personal trainer.
  5. Shake things up if necessary: While staying the course is important, hitting a plateau can be frustrating. So modify your plan by revisiting your diet or consulting with a dietitian, adding a new workout modality, joining a fitness class or consulting a trainer.
  6. Join a group: Success is maximized with group support and accountability, so evaluate opportunities to participate in a group exercise class, a weight loss plan like Weight Watchers, a walking or running club or a healthy cooking program. Even online support groups for weight loss have been helpful in getting people to their goals.

Finally, believe in yourself and expect success – which will take you far in your quest for rapid weight loss!