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These days most people wouldn’t imagine doing a workout without tracking their results. While you can choose from hundreds of techy gadgets and thousands of apps, to get the most accurate results, the best way to track exercise is with a wearable device. Most of these wearable devices track activity through steps, heart rate or location, and provide cardiovascular feedback. However, there’s no good way to measure and track strength. That is, no affordable way to do so… until now.

Officially launching this past week, PUSH is an all-new wearable fitness device specifically designed to track strength and muscle power. Of all the techy gadgets available for fitness fans, this is by far the techy-est of them all. In addition to an accelerometer and gyroscope (found in most wearable devices), PUSH uses some very fancy math to calculate metrics such as reps, sets, force, power, balance, speed and more. Those algorithms tell the device how the user’s arms should move during a given exercise, this helps PUSH know when a rep is complete and how quickly it was performed.

All information is shared with an app component, which then allows the user to track progress, compare and share with friends, and design personalized workouts. The wearable component to PUSH  is a narrow black band similar to other trackers. It’s slim profile means it won’t get in the way of reps during a CROSS CiRCUIT interval.

There is one catch; users have to manually enter their workout. For example, what exercise and what weight is being used need to be input. Then the app will automatically count reps and calculate velocity and forced based on a number of factors, including user’s height and weight, which are entered in the user’s profile.

PUSH is one of the first apps to attempt to measure how strength and power are tracked as opposed to tracking general activity or location. The metrics recorded are not only beneficial to the average gym-users, they are vital for trainers, athletes and coaches. As a result, PUSH has already been used by dozens of top-tier athletes, trainers, and teams in the NFL, NHL, MLB, European soccer leagues, and MMA leagues. Now, for just $149, you can get the same results too!

Learn more about PUSH and how it works below: