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Airdyne® Versus Competing Fan BikesWhat’s old is new again. The legendary Schwinn Airdyne fan bike now features refined technology and is enjoying a resurgence of popularity, partly due to the widespread participation in HIIT and CrossFit. And based on this classic workhorse, the new AirdyneX from Octane Fitness is an ultra heavy-duty, full commercial option.


Take a look at the Airdyne versus competing fan bikes, and fuel your sweat sessions with the best choice.

  1. Performance fan – With the Airdyne, you get 26 wide, robust blades that help propel your energy and workout. Other bikes have far fewer and more narrow blades, which means less power and efficiency.
  2. Drive system – The Airdyne Pro and AirdyneX utilize a responsive, single-stage belt drive, which converts your effort directly into generating resistance. The two-stage, chain drive of competitor fan bikes means your energy must transfer from one chain to the next, and power is lost in the process. Plus, belt drives are smoother and quieter than noisy chains that can feel jerky.
  3. Inertia system – When you are going all-out, you don’t want to worry about safety. The Airdyne’s unique inertia drive ensures quick, controlled transitions from sprints to stops.
  4. Watt power – A research study shows that exercisers burn more calories on the Airdyne compared to a leading competitor fan bike at the same RPM. Because the performance fan enables them to generate more watt power, they benefit from better results.
  5. Class A watts rating – This seal of approval ensures accuracy and quality power measurements.
  6. Upper-body – Cushioned MultiGrip handlebars on the Airdyne let exercisers choose from horizontal or vertical placement options for greater comfort and the ability to target different muscles. And thanks to the stationary anti-slip foot pegs with triple-sided grip pads for traction, you can isolate the upper-body during intervals for more variety.
  7. Seat – With the Airdyne, you get custom comfort with an oversized, padded seat with nearly limitless fore/aft and height adjustments. Biomechanically correct positioning delivers proper knee placement for maximum engagement with each pedal stroke – with no added stress on the knees. In addition, a universal rail and clamp system provides the ultimate customization, enabling you to remove the seat and use your own if preferred.
  8. Calibration – Take advantage of the calibration technology on the Airdyne to deliver accurate and consistent results, despite variable atmospheric conditions like temperature, altitude and humidity.
  9. Programs – Built-in workouts for HIIT, such as 20/10 Interval, 30/90 Interval and Custom Interval, as well as goal routines, including time target or miles target, make it simple to vary workouts and accommodate different goals.
  10. Tachometer – This addictive tool on the console shows instant results and motivates exercisers to work harder to bury the needle!
  11. Durability – Built with a double-coated steel body, with a moisture-repellant frame, the Airdyne can accommodate users up to 350 pounds.
  12. Warranty – No competing fan bike beats the Airdyne’s warranty of 10 years on the frame, three years on parts and six months on labor.
  13. Support – Not that you’ll ever need it for an Airdyne, but these products are backed by a worldwide responsive service network.
  14. History – With decades of reliable performance around the world, the Airdyne has an unmatched track record of outstanding operation.


Whether at the gym or at home, the Airdyne is a superior choice when it comes to fan bikes. In addition to its long history of quality performance, its overall design and components deliver more comfortable, effective and efficient workouts – from leisurely rides to grueling bursts of speed. Use the Airdyne for warm-ups, cooldowns, steady-state cardio sessions, circuit training and HIIT.

Stay Fueled!