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Cross Circuit_OctaneFitness_5Hit the Circuit – When you’re really pressed for time and want to squeeze in a workout, aerobic circuit training is a smart choice. One popular type of aerobic circuit training includes alternating intervals of cardio and strength training, and research shows that circuit training offers numerous benefits, given that it simultaneously develops cardiovascular fitness and strength.

There are circuit classes at the gym, or a personal trainer can develop a circuit program for you, but it’s pretty simple to create on your own as well. If you have home equipment, keep your dumbbells and resistance bands close by your cardio machine, and hop off at set intervals to perform strength exercises.

So you could ride your stationary bike for 3 minutes, then step to the floor and perform lunges with biceps curls, or deadlifts with rows, for instance, for one minute. Then get back on the bike and get going again. Repeat the cycle for the duration of your exercise session.

Octane Fitness has made it super easy to do circuits with the CROSS CiRCUIT program on their ellipticals. The program prompts you to do your cardio segment on the elliptical, then step to the floor and do specific exercises using Octane’s Powerbands or dumbbells or body weight. The machine keeps track of all your work – including calories spent when you’re lifting on the floor (cool!) – and the console guides you every step. It’s like a built-in personal trainer, and it’s a great way to accomplish a total-body cardio and strength routine fast!