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specialty fitness retailersIf you’re hoping to start or improve upon your fitness routine in the coming year – and exercise is always a top New Year’s resolution – convenience is critical to workout adherence. That means your health club has to be close to work or home, or you have a fail-proof outdoor regimen, or you have a home gym set-up that keeps you motivated, challenged and getting results.

While you don’t have to spend a ton of money to create a home gym, investing in a quality commercial cardio piece, like an elliptical or stationary bike, is a great way to keep workouts consistent when you can’t get to the gym or are limited on time.

Today, there are lots of options of fitness equipment, and it can be tempting to simply buy the lowest price machine, or one of the first ones you come across. But it’s better to do some research first if you know you’re looking for a specific product, such as a treadmill. Review online to learn what home treadmill typically feature and cost. That way, you’ll have valuable information before actually shopping.

Speaking of shopping, it’s best to go to a specialty fitness retailer physical location versus buying online or at a warehouse club, big box discounter or department store. Here are some of the advantages of buying fitness equipment from specialty retailers.

Advantages of Buying Equipment from Specialty Fitness Retailers

  • Expertise and specialization. You’re investing in your health when you purchase fitness equipment, so consult the experts versus a store that simply stocks exercise machines alongside printers, clothes and laundry detergent. Staff at specialty fitness retailers have extensive training and knowledge on specific products, and know the equipment market, so they can offer educated demos and smart recommendations. Plus, some stores have personal trainers who can help design a customized routine for you.
  • Selection and quality. Specialty fitness retailers carry multiple brands, types of equipment and price points, as opposed to a warehouse club that may one floor one model, at one price, at one time. Don’t limit yourselves to whatever the store purchaser has ordered for this important selection. You’ll also find premium quality machines at specialty fitness retailers, which will perform well over a long time, versus some inexpensive and cheaply made units that other stores offer.
  • Opportunity to test-ride equipment. If you order an exercise machine online, you can’t test it to see how it feels, if it fits you, if it is noisy, etc. The same is true in many big box and department stores, where a floor model may not be available for demo purposes. You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it, so the same holds true here.

At a specialty fitness retailer, you should dress to exercise and plan on spending at least a few minutes on several machines to determine what’s best for you. The staff can walk you through the machine at the same time, so you better understand adjustments, features and programs.

  • Professional delivery, assembly and service. When you order fitness equipment online, or even from some general stores, you’re on your own to transport it in the house and put it together, which can be quite an undertaking. Specialty fitness retailers provide delivery and assembly, which sometimes they throw in for free as part of a promotion. This saves you lots of potential hassle. Plus, they provide qualified service technicians who can come to your home to address any performance issues. With an online purchase, if the equipment malfunctions or fails, you may have to find a way to disassemble it and ship it back, which requires significant labor and expense.