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Need a kick in the pants or some motivating encouragement to get moving and eat healthier? There’s an app for that!  Check out the latest fitness tracker!

Sessions is a new app that functions as a virtual life coach, but provides interaction with a real human being – not just computers, smartphones or tablets. For $79 a month, users take part in a 16-week program designed to create or improve specific fitness or nutrition habits. It is designed for people who are inactive or lightly active, so it probably isn’t a good fit for fitness fanatics, however.

You are matched with a coach upon signing up, and then you complete a questionnaire about basic health and fitness habits, areas you want to work on and your daily routine. Typically this is followed up with a phone call to discuss these areas in more detail and put a voice to a name. As you set goals, each has a place on your Sessions Web-based dashboard, which you can check off upon completion.

Although you don’t meet your Sessions coach in person, you keep in touch with them via phone, Skype, email and text messages. While you report your data on the dashboard, your coach keeps you accountable for your actions and encourages progress by reviewing potential obstacles or setbacks and designing strategies and solutions that promote success. Weekly online lessons also offer inspiration and require uses to identify challenges and offer ways to overcome them.

Users can also integrate data from RunKeeper, Fitbit and Foursquare. But Sessions currently divides fitness and nutrition goals as separate entities, with the approach of pursuing single, sustainable goals – one at a time, day-by-day. So you might start with a fitness objective, like achieving a distance goal on your elliptical machine, and then, upon completion, attack a nutrition objective.

The ultimate goal is to create lifelong healthy habits. And who doesn’t need a little help doing that?


Information in this blog originally appeared on Greatist.