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Cardio exercises get people’s heart pumping, blood circulating, and muscles working, making them one of the most popular and beneficial workouts. Due to their high demand, pieces of cardio equipment can endure a lot of wear and often live shorter lifespans than other gym machines. Your cardio equipment’s longevity also depends on your clients’ exercise intensity and workout durations.

No matter the cause of your equipment’s demise, run-down, old, and broken machines are not beneficial to your gym business. Look out for these four signs your gym needs new cardio equipment so that you can keep your clients happy and your workout facility up and running.

Frequent Repairs

Gym equipment serves a single functional purpose. If your workout machines don’t work, they provide very little use. A cardio machine that requires frequent repairs may spend more of its time in maintenance than actually operating—providing little use to your gym and clients. The constant repairs also add up in cost. Make sure your gym remains operational with equipment clients can use, and let go of machines that are constantly under repair.

Visible Wear and Tear

Functional workout equipment gets the job done and helps people move their bodies. Although functionality is essential, visual appearance also matters. How your machine looks affects your clients’ workout experience and your facility’s reputation.

Your gym members are more likely to choose a new and attractive-looking machine than one with visible signs of wear and tear. Lots of visible distress from marks to cracks make your machine—and, by extension, your gym—seem unkept and less reliable. People might become anxious about using a machine that appears like it could break down on them. Replacing your worn and marked-up machines with newer, sleek versions attracts more clients and makes your facility look professional and well-kept, giving your business a positive reputation.

Outdated User Interfaces

Gym equipment user interfaces influence client experiences, enhancing workouts with demonstration courses, fitness tracking, and machine customizability. Modern interfaces expand your clients’ workout capabilities with even more high-tech features. Octane’s LateralX lateral elliptical features advanced programs like Workout Boosters, including the X-Mode, QuadPower, and ThighToner. Using Octane’s trademarked 30:30 Interval and MMA workouts, users will boost motivation and improve conditioning seamlessly. With modern interfaces, your clients can enhance their cardio in many ways. If your cardio equipment features outdated interfaces with minimal and basic functionality, it’s time to upgrade and give your clients many more possibilities.

Unusual Noises and Disruptions

As your equipment’s parts loosen up and wear out over time, your machines get louder. Creaks, squeaks, and other unusual noises can cause a lot of disruptions at the gym, affecting your clients’ workout experiences. Replacing your noisy equipment with newer versions that run smoothly and quietly minimizes workout distractions and ensures everyone has a more enjoyable time exercising in your facility.

Are your machines showing any of these signs? Your gym is in need of new cardio equipment. Octane’s commercial lateral ellipticals are the perfect cardio machine replacements for your facility. They withstand regular use and provide many cardio exercises to explore with their updated interfaces. Plus, Octane fitness equipment is sleek and ergonomic, providing lots of comfort to workouts. Check out Octane’s lateral ellipticals for new and updated cardio equipment for your gym.