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xRide Features and WorkoutAdmit it. Do you sometimes get bored with your workouts? With all the variety available today for exercise, theoretically, we shouldn’t struggle with monotony. But the truth is that if you’re a regular exerciser, you’ll repeat the same workouts many times, which isn’t necessarily bad.

But if your motivation is sagging or you’re just going through the motions, you need to change your routine. It’s not necessary to eliminate your favorite regimens, of course, so keep shaking it in Zumba or finding your Zen in yoga. But look for ways that you can add variety, whether that means trying some new cardio machines or adding different exercises or accessories to your strength session.

Treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes are all traditional ways to exercise and offer effective workouts for virtually anyone. Among the newer – or resurging in popularity – modalities are rowers, stairclimbers, lateral machines and alternate motion cross trainers. And have you tried the recumbent elliptical? Don’t get it confused with a seated stepper or recumbent bike. It really is an elliptical machine, sitting down, with all the associated benefits.

From Octane Fitness, the xRide recumbent elliptical, available in health clubs and for home gyms, is a fun way to incorporate variety into your workouts, thereby stimulating your muscles and mind in new ways to stay consistent and see results. Here’s why – and how – you need to add the xRide to your regimen:

  1. Super comfortable – No one ever said that about a treadmill! Enjoy a wide, cushioned seat with a backrest and multiple seat height and tilt adjustments for a custom fit for every size exerciser. The Active Seat Position on the xRide also opens the torso and maximizes the use of the hip muscles for a stronger body position than a recumbent bike.
  2. Total-body workout – While there’s nothing wrong with treadmills or bikes, they only work your lower half. Why not target the entire body all at once for more effective, efficient workouts? As a total-body elliptical, the xRide hits all the major muscle groups.
  3. PowerStroke – Exclusive to the xRide, PowerStroke technology facilitates full leg extension and power drive, so that you activate up to three times as many muscles and burn as many as 23% more calories than you do on a recumbent bike. Sold!
  4. Upper-body emphasis – The arms definitely do not just go along for the ride here. Patented MultiGrip handlebars offer numerous positions for variety and to target different muscles. Plus, with stationary foot pegs, you can periodically take your legs out of the action and really challenge your upper half for greater muscular endurance.
  5. HIIT routines – Take on Octane’s signature Workout Boosters, such as X-Mode, Leg Press and Chest Press, and you’ll benefit from intense intervals while you increase muscle endurance. Plus, these interval sessions fly by!
  6. Advanced challenges – Custom heart rate interactive interval training programs mean that you’re in charge of your intensity. To really push your limits, try the 30:30 Interval workout, which is designed by experts to boost your stamina and improve your fitness level. The commercial xRide also has an exhilarating MMA workout which pits you against the machine.
  7. Accommodating – Whether you’re a hard-core fitness fanatic, a senior starting to exercise or just trying to better manage the effects of high-impact training on your body, the xRide facilitates all-out sweat sessions as well as slower rides.

Stay fueled on the xRide by using the above features!