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What does low impact training mean? And how does it affect you? What are the benefits of this type of training? These may be questions you are asking yourself when thinking about your next cardio workout.

 What does it mean? The basic definition of low impact training is an exercise that does not require you to directly hit your hands or feet to the ground or an object.

 Why should I care about low-impact training? Low impact training can be beneficial in many ways:

  • Joint health – pain-free, low risk of injury, and comfort to your joints
  • Cardiovascular health – increase cardiovascular health with prolonged sessions
  • Muscle strength & endurance – create unique workouts targeting different muscle groups and incorporating intervals to build endurance.
  • Long- and short-term benefits – No aches or pains on your joints, giving you the ability to continue these motions at any age!
  • YOU can do MORE! – You can continue to move without downtime or breaks giving you the ability to burn more calories for longer!

 What does a low-impact machine look like? 

Here at Octane Fitness, this is what we built our business on. Since founded in 2001, Octane Fitness has been innovating low-impact equipment for facilities and homes.

When you see the Octane logo on a machine, you know you’ll be in good hands with a low-impact piece of equipment. Octane has a wide variety of equipment to meet your needs, such as:  

  • Standing Ellipticals
  • Seated Ellipticals
  • Rō
  • Airbike

The common denominator between these pieces is low impact – no pounding, slapping, or hitting with your feet or hands. Low impact does not mean low intensity; you can incorporate these pieces in any of your HIIT or interval training. 

 When you are thinking of your next cardio session, think of its impact on you and consider how you can avoid those long-term aches and pains so you can continue to do what you love at any age! Create yourself a low impact life!