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weight loss diet plan



To trim down, you know you need to follow a smart weight loss diet plan. Without taking in fewer calories than you are burning, you won’t shed pounds.



Since one pound is 3500 calories, to lose one pound each week, you have to create a 500-calorie deficit each day. While 500 calories isn’t a huge amount, it can be hard for many people to reduce their intake by this much without feeling deprived. They may end up taking those calories back as a result, thereby negating any caloric deficit.

Weight loss experts recommend the best way to be successful is to consistently follow a clean diet and perform regular exercise, including cardiovascular work to burn calories and strength training to boost muscle activity and metabolism. With this regimen, you can aim daily to cut 250 calories and expend 250 with exercise and activity.

Multiple resources online and in books and magazines can help you adjust your food intake to decrease caloric consumption. You can even meet with a dietitian who can help craft personal recommendations, along with tips for grocery shopping and restaurant choices.

The same goes for exercise. Use feedback from cardiovascular machines to estimate caloric expenditure, and also consult charts for calories burned for common exercise activities. A personal trainer can provide guidance and programming here as well.

If you choose to follow only a weight loss diet plan, you can still slim down, but generally results will be slower to show and more difficult to maintain. By combining a well-designed nutrition program with steady exercise, you should experience success in meeting your goals.