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Have you heard of an elliptical bike? These newer machines are more formally known as recumbent, or seated ellipticals, and they basically offer all the advantages of standing elliptical machines in a seated position. They are great for a low-impact, effective way to train your entire body.

With its innovative xRide, Octane Fitness developed the recumbent elliptical category. You can find these cool machines at health clubs worldwide, or you can get one for home. Because they are quiet, it’s easy to watch TV or read using the convenient reading rack.

What’s more, the xRide is significantly better than a recumbent bike:

  • Works the legs and upper body for better conditioning; plus, the MultiGrip handlebars offer greater customization and comfort
  • The Active Seat Position, with multiple height and tilt adjustments, accommodates ever exerciser and maximizes muscle use
  • PowerStroke technology delivers a greater range of motion, both forward and backward for variety and maximum muscle engagement
  • Research shows that exercisers on the xRide have 343% more glute activity and burn 23% more calories overall, compared to recumbent bike riders
  • Workout Boosters like Chest Press and Leg Press facilitate targeted muscular endurance training, and combined cardio and strength leads to results faster
  • Numerous workouts, like 350 Calories and 10K, along with 20-30 resistance levels, keep you motivated and challenged for better adherence

Check out an elliptical bike, or recumbent elliptical, like Octane’s xRide. Just because you’re sitting down doesn’t mean that the workouts will be easy – you can work as hard as you would on any other cardio machine. This is a valuable way to add variety to your routine and stay on track.