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training plans


There are so many workout options today that it can be helpful to have several training plans to take advantage of cross training and maximize exercise effectiveness. Fitness training plans provide structure and direction, as well as balance and variety, to the same daily workouts that quickly can become monotonous.


Rather than repeat the same routine, which can lead to boredom and lack of results, a few training plans keeps your regimen exciting and effective.

While some people may prefer to wander through the gym and periodically try different machines, exercisers with specific goals benefit from having programs designed to meet these objectives. Clearly, if you are running a race, doing a triathlon or participating in a tennis or golf tournament, you need to follow a plan that will help improve your performance in these events.

If your goal is to lose weight, however, you probably shouldn’t be training to play golf. Instead, your targeted plan should include regular cardio and strength exercises to maximize caloric expenditure and build metabolism-boosting muscle.

To build core strength and stability, incorporate yoga and Pilates into your training plans; and to increase range of motion, do flexibility exercises regularly. If you want to become a faster runner or cyclist, you must add speed interval work to your regime.

For overall greater strength, weight training and body weight exercises like push-ups, chin-ups and dips are effective.

The bottom line is that training plans focus your workouts and direct them to your goals. Even if your goal is simply to get fit and stay fit, your plans should vary cardio modalities, strength exercises and flexibility work to address the main components of fitness. For instance, you could alternate runs outside with a Zero Runner or an elliptical inside; switch up strength workouts to include classes, free weights, resistance tubing and more; and try yoga for stretching, strengthening and balance.

Over time, you can stay motivated with sessions on the rowing machine, stairclimber, and even suspension training, according to your preferences. Incorporate steady state and interval training, and vary sets and reps for better results.

You can create your own training plans or work with a fitness professional to customize a few options. Many online resources, as well as fitness magazines and books have done the homework for you and provide easily adaptable training plans.