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elliptical cross trainer


Most exercisers are familiar with elliptical cross trainers, and these machines are very popular due to their low-impact, total-body workouts that virtually anyone can do. But have you ever tried a recumbent elliptical cross trainer?



A recumbent elliptical cross trainer is not a recumbent bike, which has you pedal in a circular motion and only uses the legs, nor a recumbent stepper, which makes you push and pull back and forth on pedals.

The recumbent elliptical is a seated, total-body workout. Your feet pedal forward or backward in a longer, ellipse shape, and your upper-body pushes and pulls the handlebars. The only true recumbent elliptical is Octane Fitness’ xRide, which combines the benefits of standing elliptical workouts with the comfort of a seat.

Here’s why you should try the xRide:

  1. PowerStroke – This exclusive technology that creates a longer pedal motion for more muscle engagement – going forward or in reverse. In fact, university research shows that xRide users have 343% more glute activity and burn 23% more calories than recumbent bike riders. Pretty impressive!
  2. MultiGrip – These patented handlebars fully engage the upper body and optimize comfort.
  3. Active Seat Position – With multiple height and tilt adjustments that open the torso and maximize use of the hip muscles, exercisers of every size get an incredibly comfortable, effective workout.
  4. Workout Boosters – Octane’s trademark X-Mode, Chest Press and Leg Press allow exercisers to capitalize on interval training and targeted muscle endurance regimens.
  5. Advanced Training – Just because the xRide has a seat doesn’t mean workouts have to be easy. Exercisers can push their limits with customized interactive heart rate programs and 30:30 Interval, a rigorous regimen that builds endurance.
  6. SmartLink – This free app, which connects to and controls the elliptical from an iPad®, offers customized workouts targeted specifically toward goals, including Lose Weight, Feel Better, Get Stronger and Athletic Performance.

Ellipticals, whether standing or seated, are excellent ways to exercise. And now, the recumbent elliptical cross trainer offers great variety for beginning to elite exercisers. Get going!