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Summertime, for many, means indulging in an array of activities, long bucket lists of to-dos, and endless fun in the sun. Summer events are the epitome of the season. With more people getting out of their houses to enjoy the sunshine and fun activities, businesses get lots of attraction and see more visitors. Gather a summer crowd and boost business at your gym by hosting some of these fun fitness events.

Weekend Boot Camp

Boot camps are a great way to give your gym members an action-packed weekend. Like a traditional summer camp, fitness boot camps allow people to mingle with others, share similar interests, dedicate undisrupted time toward a specific commitment, and learn new skills.

Fitness boot camps help people meet their summer fitness goals as they commit to workouts and have trainers and fellow camp attendees that keep them accountable. Host weekend boot camps at your gym throughout the summer and give your members the opportunity to indulge in a weekend packed with heart-pumping movement.

Themed Workouts

Trying to meet thematic requirements generates a fun challenge and brings excitement to any occasion with funky dress codes, food, and activities.

Host themed workouts this summer to add some excitement and lightheartedness to your gym. Encouraging your members to dress up and hosting thematic workouts is a great way to switch things up and add some summer fun. Themed workout events treat your gym guests to nuance, keeping their summer fitness motivation and morale high.

Outdoor Classes

Most people want to spend their summer under the sun. Hosting an outdoor class at your gym allows members to enjoy the sunshine without compromising their workout schedules. No matter the workout—HITT, yoga, or a basic cardio set—take the action outdoors for a fun summer workout event that everyone will enjoy.

Special Guest-Led Exercises

Inviting a special guest to lead an exercise class gives people the opportunity to train with someone new. Whether the special guest is a reputable fitness professional or a famous influencer, hosting a special guest-led class introduces new people to your establishment and encourages existing members to attend the class. Plus, an exercise class with a fresh face adds something fresh, keeping your gym members enthused and motivated to workout in your space.

Fitness Challenges Competition

Get peoples’ hearts and competitive adrenaline pumping with fitness competitions. You can implement some competitive drive to your gym in many ways, including:

  • Hosting weightlifting tournaments
  • Awarding people with the most improvement within a period
  • Setting best record competitions for treadmill distance, endurance, or daily attendance
  • Challenging guests to a specific workout course

A healthy dose of friendly competition gets people excited and encourages your members to push their boundaries in a fun way.

This summer, host some fun gym events to bring in a summer crowd and keep business running all year round. Also, consider garnering appeal with some new commercial cardio equipment from Octane. Our machines reshape workouts, enhancing members’ experience at your gym.