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weight training

Many people shy away from weight training because they fear they’ll become too muscular in appearance. Others simply don’t see the benefit if they’re already doing cardiovascular exercises. But these fun facts show the importance of weight lifting.

The benefits of weight training go beyond simply building muscles, it also is a great way to improve overall health and can help improve cardio performance as well. Don’t take our word for it, check out these fun facts.

Fun Facts: Weight Training

  • Stronger core results in better posture
  • 60% of people who weight train get an average of 7 hours or more of sleep per night
  • Weight training lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Increased metabolism means you burn more calories when your body is resting
  • Adding just 2 weight training sessions a week can reduce body fat by 7%
  • Weight lifting boosts dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, making it a natural antidepressant
  • By 80 years-old, sedentary people will lose 50% of their muscle mass, weight training can stop, prevent and reverse muscle loss
  • With better muscle coordination overall body mechanics are improved

For more fun facts about weight training, view the original 10 Reasons to Strength Train inforgraphic below.

weight training