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muscle development


It’s no secret that men and women are built differently. In addition to the obvious physical differences, our bodies are designed to react different to exercise. In this case, we look at differences in muscle development.



In addition to regular cardiovascular exercise, both men and women need to incorporate strength training to ensure healthy muscle development and maximize fat burning.  However, male and female bodies do not create muscle, nor do their bodies burn fat, in the same ways.

Fun Facts: Muscle Development

  • Men burn fat and build muscle faster due to high testosterone levels
  • On average, women have the testosterone levels equal to that of a 10 year-old boy
  • Women’s fat cells are larger than men’s
  • Strength training helps melt the fat that builds around organs, making it an important part of exercising for both men and women
  • Muscles burn more calories at rest than fat does
  • The muscle fibers in females are not naturally as big as those in male bodies
  • Innate composition of women’s muscles are more compact than men’s
  • Regular weightlifting will not cause bulky muscles, something many women fear
  • Running helps restrict the loss of muscles

While muscle development in women and men is different, that doesn’t mean that men are necessarily stronger than women. Yes, it may be easier for them to build muscle or “bulk up,” but there are plenty of females out there that show women can be just as strong as men. Women may have to work harder for it, but some may argue that just means they want it more.