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To program your favorite settings for the My QuickStart button follow these steps:

  1. Enter all of your information as usual – program, time, level, age and weight.
  2. Press and hold My QuickStart 1 (or My QuickStart 2) button until you hear the console beep, indicating that the profile has been saved.
  3. If you decide during your workout to change what you have saved, enter the changes on the console.
  4. If you want to save these new settings, just press and hold My QuickStart again for three seconds or until you hear the beep. This resets your saved profile using the new attributes.
  5. You can use My QuickStart 1 and My QuickStart 2 to save two different workouts. Save the first one according to the directions above, then press Pause/Clear and follow the steps again to save the second workout using the other My QuickStart button.