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While ellipticals are very popular, some exercise zealots may think that they are too easy. High-intensity exercise lovers may perceive ellipticals as suitable only for beginning and aging exercisers, and not for those who really want to push themselves hard.



However, elliptical programming has evolved over the years, and new workouts have been designed to deliver greater challenges for those who crave them. Just consider Octane Fitness ellipticals, which offer the following features.

Features of Octane Fitness Ellipticals

  1. 30:30 Interval – Exclusive to Octane ellipticals, this high-intensity interval session emphasizes cardiovascular performance and improved heart rate recovery. It also can be used to measure improvements in cardio fitness.
  2. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – This creative workout mimics real-life MMA bouts and provides customized challenge as the machine “fights back” and commands exercisers to “throw it” and “punch and move” to maximize strength and power.
  3. CROSS CiRCUIT – Exercisers work to their limits by performing cardio intervals on the elliptical, followed by short strength training exercises, for an ultra-efficient and effective total-body experience.
  4. Customized heart rate interval programs – The machine automatically adjusts the resistance level to keep exercisers at specified heart rates throughout intervals of varying intensities.
  5. Workout Boosters – These signature Octane routines, including X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster on the standing ellipticals, add intensity by incorporating one-minute intervals where exercisers follow prompts such as squat, lean back, lower body only and more. The result? High heart rates and major calories burned.

These are just a few examples of what today’s ellipticals offer for exercisers who want to work hard. With multiple resistance levels, various workouts and valuable feedback, ellipticals are an ideal cross training choice for all exercisers.