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Traditional elliptical machines are great ways to exercise, and recumbent bikes offer another popular, comfortable modality. So what’s an elliptical bike?

Better known as recumbent ellipticals, or seated elliptical machines, these unique pieces of equipment combine the best in elliptical motion and stationary biking for another effective, low-impact way to train.

Octane Fitness essentially invented the recumbent elliptical category with its xRide, which delivers all the benefits of conventional standing elliptical exercise, but in a comfortable, seated position. Exercisers benefit from the Active Seat Position, which accommodates any size individual and maximizes muscle use.

Furthermore, with a recumbent elliptical, you get a total-body workout, actively engaging the upper body using Octane’s patented MultiGrip handlebars. With Octane’s PowerStroke technology, you capitalize on a greater range of motion for the lower-body for more effective training. Research shows that exercisers on the xRide have 343% more glute activity and burn 23% more calories overall, compared to recumbent bike riders.

Plus, on the xRide, exercisers can use the Workout Boosters to engage in targeted muscular endurance training for the entire body, lower body or upper body. So you get cardio and strength combined on one machine for valuable efficiency!

Elliptical bikes outperform stationary bikes for many reasons:

  • Total-body workouts
  • PowerStroke requires more muscle activation
  • Forward and reverse motion adds variety and changes muscle focus
  • Strength-training benefits
  • MultiGrip handlebars engage upper body

Recumbent ellipticals are a great way to cross train and add new challenges to your workout regimen.