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Octane’s Advanced ProgramsIf you exercise on an Octane Fitness zero-impact cardio machine, you know that workouts are sure to be motivating, effective and efficient. In fact, Octane Fitness equipment is specifically designed to feel good on the body – even when you are working hard and pushing yourself. The beauty of zero-impact is that you’re not subject to repetitive pounding on the body, which can cause fatigue, poor form and potentially even injuries over time.

Zero-impact doesn’t mean zero effort, of course, so you can capitalize on multiple programs on the machine to vary your regimens and generate results. Octane offers a variety of workouts and resistance levels so you can customize your efforts. While many people simply opt for Manual, it’s beneficial to your body and mind to experiment with different routines to experience various challenges and eliminate simply cruising on autopilot.

To make it easier for you, here we address how to get the most out of Octane’s unique advanced workout programs, including MMA and 30:30 Interval. Exclusive to Octane, these regimens are specially designed to improve your progress. Lose the intimidation and take advantage of these rigorous workouts to increase stamina and build strength.

Advanced Workout Programs: MMA

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is a popular sport for weekend warriors as well as competitive athletes. Octane’s creative workout on its standing and recumbent ellipticals, XT-One and LateralX mimics real-life MMA bouts and delivers an effective alternative to training in the ring.

Users select the number of 5-minute rounds they want to complete, intensity level and starting resistance. A three-minute warm-up prepares the body, followed by the first 5-minute round, introduced by the “Let’s Get it On” prompt. Exercisers “fight” and the pace (RPM) and resistance levels increase as the machine “fights back.”

To simulate the attack/retreat sequences of real-life MMA bouts, the rounds incorporate both fight and “back off” segments, announced by the machine. This gives the “fighters” a short break before they are right back in the fight. After each round, exercisers get a one-minute “corner time” recovery, just like a real MMA match.

Upon completing the selected number of rounds, the exerciser performs a brief cooldown. With built-in flexibility to meet each exerciser’s fitness level, the MMA program challenges and motivates with fight-inspired prompts such as “punch and move” and “throw it.” It’s definitely exhilarating and unlike any other workout!

Advanced Workout Programs: 30:30 Interval

Developed by one of the top cardio coaches, Paul Robbins of Athletes’ Performance, Inc., Octane’s innovative 30:30 Interval regimen delivers challenges that lead to improved cardiovascular endurance.

It starts with a 3-minute warm-up, followed by five sets of 30-second high-intensity intervals and 30 seconds of recovery. Here, exercisers alternate fast sprints with slower walks. After the five sets, a three-minute recovery cycle begins, during which users can see their average fast and slow speeds, average maximum and minimum heart rates and heart rate recovery number. Heart rate recovery is a measurement of fitness, and a higher number is better.

Users repeat two more 5-minute cycles, followed by a recovery period and a final cooldown. With consistent use over time, the 30:30 Interval program can drive improvement in heart rate recovery, indicating a greater fitness level.

What’s great about this program is that it adjusts to each person’s abilities. A speed “governor” increases resistance at higher RPMs to boost heart rate, so that even very fit athletes can be challenged and improve performance. Plus, it provides a motivating way to push yourself past limits and enjoy even more progress.

Now that you know how to get the most out of Octane’s advanced programs, no more excuses! Get going, and good luck!