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Designing a fitness facility involves many considerations that shape your clients’ experiences and your business’s success. Every little detail and decision in your design process influences the space you create. Whether you want your gym to be a place for rehabilitation or sports training, consider these four things when designing your fitness facility to curate the perfect space for people to meet their fitness goals.

1. Allocated Workout Zones

Workout experiences come in many forms, varying in goals, exercises, and attendance. Allocating different zones for specific workouts allows you to cater to certain experiences and needs better.

For example, a designated group workout area provides clients with plenty of space and equipment to enhance and accommodate group workout sessions. Likewise, allocating a specific cardio area equipped with commercial cardio gym equipment streamlines the flow of your gym, keeping it organized and easier to navigate.

Setting equipment into specific zones saves clients from wasting time hunting down the right equipment for their needs, giving them more time to work out and meet them.

2. Space Navigability

Space navigability influences many aspects of your clients’ experiences. An easy-to-navigate facility maximizes clients’ time in the gym, reduces stress, and streamlines workouts, allowing them to move from one exercise to another easily. Space navigability is crucial to your facility’s design and functionality.

3. Healthy Ventilation

When people engage in strenuous activities, they breathe more heavily. Making sure your facility’s design has adequate ventilation ensures your clients breathe in clean, healthy air. Without proper ventilation methods, your gym can harbor unpleasant odors, increase mildew and mold risks, and increase heat levels, making your facility an uncomfortable and unhealthy place to work out. Installing quality ventilation ensures your gym remains healthy and comfortable for clients.

4. Client Safety

Air quality isn’t the only factor affecting your clients’ health and safety. Many other design aspects affect your facility’s safety. Selecting gym equipment with ergonomic designs, like Octane’s xRide xR6000s recumbent elliptical, minimizes injuries. With a convenient step-through design and a handlebar front pivot point, the xRide offers open access. Combine that with an oversized platform that provides a firm foundation, and you get a machine that allows exercisers to get on and off easily.

Additionally, offering wipes and accessible sanitation stations reduces the spread of germs and diseases. Installing quality and bright lighting options ensures clients can see and maneuver through your space clearly and safely. And finally, spacing your gym equipment and layout minimizes tripping hazards.

Every decision you make shapes the experiences and opportunities your gym provides. Keep these four considerations in mind when designing your fitness facility, and guarantee success by maximizing your clients’ workout experiences with the space you create.