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Whether you’re looking to add an elliptical to your home gym to stay in shape or motivate yourself to burn calories right from your space, there are three things to consider before buying an elliptical for your home. 

  1. Warranty & Quality

Finding an elliptical that is right for your space can be overwhelming. One key feature to look for is information on the quality of the product and warranty. An elliptical built with quality parts and a warranty that supports the product’s life shows you the type of elliptical you’re buying. So what is a good warranty? You should have trust in your machine. A robust frame warranty, like our Octane residential warranty, has a lifetime guarantee and a parts warranty of 5 years to ensure you have the parts necessary to keep your machine running. Octane’s residential ellipticals are built with commercial-grade materials, guaranteeing you receive a quality product.   

  1. Space & Installation 

Ensuring that the elliptical you want fits your space and can be installed how you want is also essential. In most cases, you’re installing this machine into a home gym, garage, living room, or basement, and you need to ensure that the area is suitable for the elliptical. When planning, you’ll want to consider your floor plan, height, footprint, room temperature so you’re machine is not cold or overheating, and machine weight for your space. Octane ellipticals are built and known to be space-efficient due to their front-drive system and design, and has become a favorite for homes. Through our website, you can select numerous options to have your elliptical installed, including curbside, first-floor installation, or any floor installation, allowing you to pick what’s suitable for your placement. 

  1. The Right Machine For You 

Finding the elliptical that is right for you is vital. Are you looking for the best price? The highest quality? The most features? Or a space-efficient machine? All of those are up to you. Some users like the extra workout features, and some look for the lowest cost. Octane has a mixture of everything that allows you to choose what’s right. Our highest-end elliptical, the Q47xi, is built with the highest-quality materials, has the most advanced workout features, and includes our SmartStride technology, which automatically adjusts your stride length based on your speed. Our Q37xi elliptical is our middle-line product and a best seller. This elliptical has high-quality parts and advanced features, giving you one of the most natural motions. Our Q35x machine is our entry-level product with high-quality components and essential workout features, giving you a cost-saving machine without losing on the necessities. Are you looking for an alternative to a standing elliptical? Try our xRide xR6xi recumbent elliptical that brings all the benefits and movements of a standing elliptical to a seated position for lower-impact workouts. 

Choosing a suitable machine can take a lot of research and understanding your needs. Consider these three factors when deciding what type of elliptical you want in your living area. Over the years, Octane has become a home favorite for users due to its durability, natural feelings, and workout modes. Check out our offerings, or reach out to us if you have any questions.