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tinaimageWorkout Whatever the Weather

Although some lucky people are fortunate to live in year-round temperate climates, many of us have to contend with uncooperative weather at times that interrupts our outdoor workouts or activities. Even though the calendar states April, we’re expecting rain, sleet and snow for the next few days but I’m not going to let that side track my fitness plans for the week.

For a fast, total-body blast, I choose the elliptical because it challenges the major muscle groups and burns calories but doesn’t pound my body. I like the endless variety as well, so every workout can be different.

Some of my favorite features on Octane ellipticals include:

  • SmartStride:  I just hit a button and SmartStride automatically customizes my stride length as I speed up, slow down or go backwards. Cool!
  • X-Mode:  Makes workouts fly by and forces me to cross train with prompts every few minutes to squat, go in reverse, pedal fast or slow, push and pull and more.
  • GluteKicker:  A favorite among many women because this interval routine targets the glutes, hips and thighs by alternating various intense movements with recovery sessions.
  • ArmBlaster: Sometimes on the elliptical, the arms can go on auto-pilot. But not with ArmBlaster, as this workout automatically increases resistance every three minutes for 10 intense upper-body reps. You definitely feel the burn!

Alternating outdoor workouts when the weather is comfortable with indoor exercise is a great way to cross train and stay on track.

Stay fueled – Tina