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Tproducts_slideshow_crosscircuit_commercial_lateralx_faster-resultshere’s really no such thing as the “best home workouts” that applies to every person. Ultimately, this depends on what you like to do, what equipment you have, the amount of time you can invest and your goals. What is “best” for one person may not be realistic for someone else.

That said, however, elliptical machines really can offer everyone effective workouts. Because they are low-impact and simple to use, ellipticals can benefit virtually every exerciser with their variety of total-body routines.

Octane Fitness offers a several types of elliptical machines, including traditional standing, recumbent (seated) and lateral. If you’re in the market for an elliptical at home, you should try each model to determine which you prefer. Each offers distinct features.

Of course, ellipticals are cardiovascular machines that strengthen your heart and lungs, burn calories and boost endurance. While cardio conditioning is critical to fitness, strength training is also necessary for best results. Strength training works the muscles, which helps create a lean, toned look and boost metabolism.

For the best home workouts, then, combining cardio and strength within one session is ultra efficient and effective. And on an Octane elliptical, the unique CROSS CiRCUIT program does just that for you.

With CROSS CiRCUIT, you alternate intervals of cardio on the elliptical with strength-training exercises on the floor using dumbbells or PowerBlocks, Octane’s Powerbands or your own body weight. You determine the duration of the cardio intervals and pick what exercises you will do, so routines are totally customized to your goals. The elliptical keeps you on track with visual and auditory prompts.

And now, for extra guidance and motivation, Octane’s new SmartLink app brings CROSS CiRCUIT to life on your iPad with more than 35 workout plans and videos that show 225 exercises. CROSS CiRCUIT does the thinking and you do the work!

Combining cardio and strength regularly leads to noticeable results. And with the unlimited variety of CROSS CiRCUIT, your body will show the difference. Come to think of it, elliptical workouts with CROSS CiRCUIT might just be the closest you can get to the “best home workout.”