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workout schedule


While many people have good intentions when it comes to exercising, the truth is, they don’t always stick to it. To help you stay consistent, it’s a good idea to create a workout schedule.



Studies show that 50% of people who begin an exercise program drop out within the first six months. That’s one-half! To help you stay consistent, it’s a good idea to create a workout schedule. It can be as simple as you like, such as noting that you will exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday this week, or you can include lots of details, such as the duration, modality and specific exercises. If you like classes, commit to which ones you will attend; or if you swim, note the open swim times at the pool.

If you have goals you are working toward, such as running a 5K or losing 10 pounds, list them at the top of your workout schedule to remind yourself why you are following this plan. Plan your routine to get you to achieve these goals.

Your workout schedule should at least cover one week; preferably a month if you can manage it, or even longer if you’re working toward an event that is six months out.

Writing down a workout schedule helps with commitment. Include your workout schedule in your calendar, on your phone, on the refrigerator or wherever you will see it daily.

Of course, life happens and sometimes you cannot adhere to your workout schedule. If you get sick, have to travel unexpectedly or encounter other commitments, then you be flexible and try to fit in shorter sessions, make up workouts on other days if possible or simply jump back into your routine as soon as you can. Don’t scrap your plan just if you miss a few days. Any exercise is better than quitting entirely.

When you plan your exercise routine, you benefit in several ways:

  1. Greater sense of commitment and ability to adhere
  2. More likelihood of seeing results and reaching goals
  3. Improved sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy
  4. Increased consistency
  5. Less likelihood to blow off sessions or quit

Creating a workout schedule doesn’t have to take a long time, and it is time well-invested with big payoffs. Create your schedule today, and then get going!