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best elliptical


When it comes to ellipticals, nobody does it better than Octane Fitness. Founded with a dedicated mission to revolutionize elliptical machines and zero-impact cardio, Octane is the only company in the world committed to this exclusive focus.



All of Octane’s manpower, resources, blood, sweat and tears go toward fueling exercisers in the best ways with markedly superior equipment. From industry and manufacturing awards for best elliptical supplier, to numerous consumer Best Buy awards and Best of the Best awards, Octane’s ellipticals have received no shortage of accolades. So how does this benefit exercisers? Here are just some of the trademark Octane Fitness features:

  1. Excellent ergonomics – based on human biomechanics and optimum ergonomics, Octane ellipticals deliver natural, fluid movement that feels good
  2. MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars – only Octane has redesigned and perfected upper body motion on ellipticals with handlebars that move in and out naturally and that offer several grips to target different muscles
  3. Workout Boosters – Octane incorporates valuable cross training and interval bursts to maximize exercise efficiency and effectiveness
  4. CROSS CiRCUIT – Now it’s simple to combine cardio and strength into one intense, fun and productive session
  5. SmartStride – automatically changes stride length on standing ellipticals to best replicate walking, jogging and running
  6. LateralX – a one-of-a-kind lateral elliptical that yields greater inner/outer thigh activity, higher caloric expenditure and a definitive fun factor
  7. xRide – this recumbent elliptical offers the PowerStroke, a longer range of motion that challenges muscles and increases glute work

For the absolute best elliptical, check out Octane Fitness — guaranteed to exceed your expectations and fuel you for life!