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Despite our best efforts, most people struggle to find the motivation to hit the gym or get out and exercise on a regular basis. Yet, others have curated good exercise habits that make working out seem like a breeze to the rest of us. So what are those good exercise habits and how can we implement them in our daily lives?

There are a number of things that fall into the category of good exercise habits. From healthy diet to plenty of sleep and clearly set goals, there’s no limit to what may be considered a good exercise habit. However, a recent article in the Montreal Gazette points to these ten good exercise habits successful exercisers have in common:

  1. The exercise early
  2. They cherish their sleep
  3. They watch what they eat
  4. They update their goals constantly
  5. They go with the flow
  6. They clear their schedules to exercise
  7. They know how to say “no”
  8. They have supportive family and friends
  9. They love what they do
  10. They set themselves up for success

We’ve just glossed over the ten good exercise habits that we should all adopt today. Visit the Montreal Gazette’s original post to get more information and learn how to implement each good exercise habit. Then get out there, stay focused and Fuel Your Life!