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newworkoutTry Something New – Most of us are true creatures of habit, holding tight to the same routines daily, including the bike we select in Spinning class, where we sit in church and what day we attack the laundry pile. Workouts are not immune either, as we tend to follow a plan that provides predictability and familiarity.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite workout, or a schedule of cardio on Mondays and Wednesdays, with strength on Tuesdays and Thursdays, our bodies adapt over time to the stressors we give them. That doesn’t mean that following the same routine isn’t a good idea; but after the body adapts to a specific workout regimen, we end up in more of a maintenance mode rather than continually improving.

To jump-start results and motivation, get out of your comfort zone by starting a new workout plan. Instead of hitting the treadmill, go for a run outside; or attend a strength class versus your lifting routine at the gym. Cardio equipment is loaded with programs – venture beyond the Manual button and take on an interactive heart rate or interval workout.

Octane ellipticals have cool workouts that get me working hard than I would do on my own – 30:30 Interval and MMA challenge my body in new ways and make the time fly by. Don’t be afraid to tackle something different – you may develop a new favorite!  All of us at Octane do the same thing – we hired a personal trainer from UFC to teach us a few new things!