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Seeking some variety to your workouts? Check out the classic Schwinn Airdyne Pro – which has provided efficient, effective workouts for decades, and which was recently refined for even greater intensity and results. This legendary air bike has something to offer everyone – from beginners or those rehabbing who prefer an easier routine, to athletes and CrossFitters who are regularly pushing their limits.

While it may look similar, the new Airdyne Pro is not your parents’ (or grandparents’) bike. Just because it is simple to use doesn’t mean that all the workouts are easy or that it’s too outdated for your goals.

Here’s some top reasons that you should get in the saddle of a Schwinn AD Pro:

  • Low-impact, total-body – Rather than pedal mindlessly only with your legs on an old recumbent bike, this air bike gets your arms in the action for better conditioning and caloric expenditure, all without any jarring impact to the joints.
  • Efficient use of energy – The exclusive 26-blade performance fan, in conjunction with a responsive, single-stage belt drive, uses all your power to generate resistance. Other bikes with chain drives use two-power, chain drive transfer systems that waste power in the transfer process. Studies indicate that exercisers burn more calories on the Airdyne Pro compared to a competitor fan bike at the same RPM.
  • Infinite intensity – Take advantage of unlimited wind resistance to customize every stage of your workout. There’s no buttons to press – you simply pedal harder for greater resistance, and slow down for lighter intensity. Thanks to a smart inertia drive, transitions from sprints to stops are smooth and safe.
  • Supreme comfort – The oversized, cushioned saddle has multiple fore/aft adjustments, with biomechanically correct positioning to deliver optimal muscle engagement with each stroke. As a bonus, the Airdyne has a universal rail and clamp system so you can remove the seat and use your own.

While you certainly can use this air bike daily for workouts, incorporating it into your regime as a way to cross train can help maximize your motivation, interest and results. Swap another cardio workout once or twice a week for the Airdyne Pro, or you can add the bike to a cross training session that utilizes various cardio different modalities for short periods, such as a treadmill and elliptical, for instance.

The Airdyne is great for circuit training and high-intensity training workouts as well, where you alternate strength training exercises with rigorous cardio bursts on the bike, as they do in CrossFit. Plus, sneak in short, bonus sessions by pedaling as you watch TV or catch up on your DVR shows.

The Airdyne Pro is equipped with nine workouts for variety, so you can choose from manual, where you are in control the entire time, or specify different targets, from time, calories, miles or kilometers. Tackle HIIT training with 20/10 or 30/90 intervals, where you push hard and then recover. Or create your own regimen with the custom interval program. Monitor your intensity level using telemetry-enabled heart rate monitoring or by watching the tachometer.

Unlike other stationary bikes, the Airdyne enables you to target your upper body only, by placing your feet on the stationary foot pegs and driving all your energy into moving the handlebars to tax the chest, back, shoulders and arms. The Airdyne also is ideal to warm-up prior to strength sessions or other forms of cardio, as well as to cooldown after an intense run or another workout.

No matter what your preferences are for exercise, the air bike is an ideal complement to any regimen, and an outstanding value with long-lasting performance.