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These days there seems to be no shortage of companies selling workout clothes and more stores than ever before are stocking apparel.  Whether its compression socks, ultra-cute sports bras, or any imaginable item that can be made from moisture wicking material, companies are trying to cash in.

While the surplus of options makes assembly a great looking coordinated workout outfit a breeze (I strongly maintain that you burn more calories the more coordinated your outfit), sometimes paying $50 for a name-brand shirt I’m about to sweat in for 45 minutes seems a bit much.  Luckily, Yahoo! Shopping recently tested a variety of big-box store fitness brands and put together a list of the best workout apparel brands.  Here are the top three.

#3 JCPenney
Last year, Penney’s launched its own, private brand of performance wear that claimed to deliver “style and quality at a smart price.” And that’s exactly what happened. Xersion, available for men, women and kids, nails the basics—decent quality, good colors, fantastic price. And it’s available right alongside your favorite pair of mom jeans.

Recommended item: Men’s Xersion Core Running T-Shirt ($20). Just like its women’s counterpart, this is your basic exercise shirt—done right. One reviewer raved about the cut especially, declaring that with this version, they finally hit the nail on the head.

#2 Walmart
Paper towels may be the first thing that you think to buy at Walmart, but these days active wear should be a close second. Partnering with Danskin, the designer fitness brand, Walmart introduced Danskin Now—high-quality, fashion-friendly, holy-crap-that’s-affordable active wear for women that needs to be tried to be believed.

Recommended item: Danskin Now Women’s Seamless Sports Bras 2-Pack ($10). Seamless sports bras are fantastic for low-impact activities—hiking, biking, climbing, yoga—and should be in every woman’s dresser. And sure, you could opt for the $20 per pair option available most places. But at Walmart, pick up a two-pack (I repeat: TWO-PACK!). Same quality, same support, same style—better price.

Recommended item: Danskin Now Women’s Dri-More Leggings ($8). The little black legging has become as much of a staple as the little black dress—but a good pair can run you nearly the same price. Cue Danskin Now. While the fabric isn’t as high-tech as your pair of Lucy’s (it’s cotton, spandex), these leggings have gotten more than 500 five-stars reviews from women of all ages on, with owners raving about their quality and durability, comfort and flattering fit.

#1 Target
Is anyone surprised? The big-box favorite is partnered with Champion—a time-trusted fitness brand that’s known for delivering on its quality, durability and price point. With options that start at swimwear and underwear and layer up until you’re ready to pound the pavement, Target is the ultimate one-stop shopping destination to get in shape—and take down your entire shopping list at the same time.

Recommended item: C9 by Champion Men’s Performance Boxer Brief ($10). Athletic underwear may feel like a luxury—but it shouldn’t. Champion delivers on soft-to-the-touch, moisture-wicking briefs that keep their shape and keep you supported.

Recommended item: C9 by Champion Women’s Premium Run Short ($25). “These are better than Lululemon shorts!” reviewers everywhere rave. In assorted colors, with built-in running underwear and a back zippered pocket, there’s no reason not to pick up a pair…or four.

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