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Check out the many benefits of elliptical machines for everyone from beginning exercisers to elite athletes:

  • Effective – Compared to other exercises, research shows that total-body elliptical machines provide excellent cardiovascular workouts with significant oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure.
  • Low Impact – Jogging and high-impact activities are tough on the body and cause wear and tear. The beauty of elliptical machines is that they provide challenging workouts without joint stress and strain that can lead to injuries or burnout.
  • Total Body – When you’re pressed for time, why work only one-half of your body? The total-body elliptical machine works more muscle groups than other exercises such as running, bicycling and stairclimbing – leading to more efficiency and greater results.
  • Quiet – A superior elliptical machine operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy music, the TV or conversation as well as work out without disturbing your sleeping child or neighbors in your apartment, condominium or townhouse.
  • Variety – What’s fun about ellipticals is you can change the workout by making the legs and arms move forward and backward or by working just the lower or upper body in isolation. Plus, Octane’s ellipticals have workout boosters like X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster that raise intensity and make sessions fly by. The exclusive CROSS CiRCUIT program totally maximizes effectiveness by combining cardio with intense strength-training intervals, and programs like 30:30 Interval let you test and track your fitness level.