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better runner



There is always room for improvement. Whether you are new to running or have been running for years, these running tips will help you become a better runner.



The team at, the fitness branch of popular website, put together a list of their 25 essential tips to become a better runner. Here is there advice:

  1. Start slow
  2. Go technical
  3. Beat boredom
  4. Don’t stretch before
  5. Get social
  6. Add strength training
  7. Get off the treadmill
  8. Learn yoga moves
  9. Think robot arms
  10. Aim for midfoot
  11. Refuel
  12. Stay alert
  13. Take shorter strides
  14. Find a buddy
  15. Get serious about shoes
  16. Stretch those toes
  17. Vary it up
  18. Have a snack
  19. Know the weather
  20. Treat your feet
  21. Foam-roll
  22. Warm up
  23. Stay hydrated
  24. Cool down
  25. Go ahead and rest

Be sure to read the original post on for more information; including further explanation of each tip listed above. Even if you’re already doing some of these things, try incorporating additional changes to your routine. If you want to become a better runner it’s up to you to take the necessary strides.