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As you’ve probably assumed, we’re big into running at Octane Fitness. For us it’s not just exercise, it’s a passion that fuels your daily lives. We know not everyone feels that way but these five reasons to start running may convince you to give it a shot!

Nationally known fitness expert, and Octane Fitness partner, Chris Freytag recently shard a post on her blog with five reasons to start running. In her post, Chris mentions the following reasons to lace up and go for a run:

  1. You can’t be the results
  2. You can take baby steps
  3. Hearing the roar of the crowd
  4. It’s convenient
  5. You can fly solo or in a group

Visit the blog page on Chris’ website to read the original post in its entirety. Then stick around and browse the website for exercise tips, recipes, and more.